If you had to rate your leadership meetings out of 10, what would you give it? On average, business leaders rate their meetings a 4 out of 10. The main issues? That’s why we have consulted the EOS rule book to lead effective World-Class meetings for teams and small businesses.

Too many people and not enough focus.

One study by The Muse found that on average, managers are spending 35-50% of their time in meetings. Those same leaders say that 67% of the meetings are failures.

So what’s going wrong and how can you level up your meetings so that no time is wasted and decisions get made?

With communication, accountability and team health. 

Start leading world-class meetings

It is possible to lead meetings that actually get the job done, increase productivity, and move your business goals along. But it doesn’t happen by chance. We use several tools to help our clients power up their meetings to get more done and less time. 

We call that a Level 10 Meeting™. It’s where leadership teams get together for 90 minutes once a week to reflect, review, plan and solve issues. 

Here’s how:

The Weekly Meeting Pulse™

If you’re not sticking to a consistent flow, your meetings will hit a wall. Setting a clear weekly cadence will help you stay on track and create a rhythm within your leadership team. 

It means your meetings should be held on the same day and at the same time each week. They need to start on time and end on time, which means your agenda needs to be rock solid every week. Rather than reinventing topics each time, create a template that you can easily adjust before every meeting.

Meeting Preparation

Every meeting should have one person leading the agenda. That person should be responsible for moving topics along so everything stays productive and on schedule. 

That means being comfortable moving people and conversations along too, no matter the direction of the conversation. If topics come up that are not listed in the agenda but are important to discuss, make a note of it and schedule another meeting for another day. Just stay on schedule.

The Meeting Agenda

We all know how easy it is for meetings to derail. Leaders who run their business on EOS follow a laid-out agenda for their weekly meetings to help them stay on topic and stick to the time. 

It’s a clear, no-nonsense template that sets the expectations for the meetings clearly, and has a dedicated space for solving issues.

Without a pre-set agenda, there’s nothing to guide the meeting along or to stop it from drifting off-topic and running overtime. The Meeting Agenda forces everyone in the team to address the most pressing matters with a problem-solving attitude and analytic approach.

Create and share a to-do list

Like most managers and leaders, our clients come to us because they’re simply fed up that nothing ever gets done after a meeting. And more often than not, it’s because people aren’t held personally accountable for their tasks. 

One of the most important parts of a Level 10 Meeting comes towards the end, where everyone reviews the commitments that were made the previous meeting.

By setting a to-do list at the end of every meeting, you can keep everyone on track by ensuring all tasks since the previous meetings have been completed. If someone hasn’t completed their tasks, this is a great time to find out if there are any blockers, and how to remove them. 

When everyone in the team fully commits to completing their to-do and is held accountable, you can start making real progress.

Getting to the root of it: leading world-class meetings

Even with the best intentions, leading an effective and productive meeting is extremely difficult. They can be too frequent, poorly organised or simply badly run—and in the worst cases, all three.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn yours around. With a clear set-out plan, you can start leading meetings that cover every item on the agenda, gather high-quality input, and more importantly, lead to accomplished tasks. 

If you’re ready to take your leadership meetings to another level, schedule a free consultation with me and learn more about the tried and tested set of EOS tools that successful businesses run on.

No more distractions or unproductive hours lost. Just clear, easy-to-follow steps to help you get the most out of your meetings and start making real progress in your business. 


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