One of the first things an EOS Implementer® introduces with a business is the Accountability Chart. It’s the tool we use to help leadership teams structure their organization and agree on everyone’s roles and responsibilities.

Essentially, it’s all about getting the right people in the right seats—and by teaching teams to look six to 12 months into the future for this task, teams can quickly remedy and ensure everyone’s crystal clear on their role in the business. 

So, what’s the Reverse Accountability Chart? Put simply, it’s the exact opposite.

Unlike the Accountability Chart (which helps teams facilitate growth by identifying any empty seats), the Reverse Accountability Chart looks at how well a business can function with less.

What would your company look like with 50% less revenue?

In times of economic downturn, you need to consider how your business would cope if overall profits were cut in half. Tomorrow.

Would you still be able to deliver the same service, and to the same quality?

Would you have to reduce your workforce? How would you decide who to let go and who to keep? What expenses would you need to get rid of? Shining light on all these areas and having a contingency plan in place will give you a huge headstart if disaster strikes. 

Here’s what you’ll need to do to put the Reverse Accountability Chart into practice:

Know who your key players are

If your revenue decreased by half, it’s likely you’ll need to make some tough decisions with the people in your team. You’ll need to ask yourself, what would the workforce look like with 50% less revenue?

Who are the key employees that you absolutely need and are vital to the growth of your business? 

As gruelling as a task it may seem, this is where you can really put your Accountability Cart into perspective.

Take a close look at your budget

If your company was operating with 50% less revenue, what would you cut out from your expenses? 

Use the same approach as when identifying your organisational structure to go through your budgets and prioritise. It most likely won’t be a matter of if you’ll have to cut expenses, but what you’ll cut and when. What you’re left with is what you’ll use as a foundation to build on.

Rethink your communication strategy with employees

When a business crisis happens, employees will feel the pressure and it will be your job to keep the calm within your teams. An effective leader communicates clearly and thoughtfully during difficult times—that means giving yourself enough time and space to prepare what you would like to say to employees.

Here’s where you may need a Clarity Break™. Step away from the situation, take a breather, and come back to the challenge with a clearer mind so you can communicate as best as you possibly can.

Remember that every downturn is an issue that can be fixed

The tools we use to help our clients stay on track are built to equip leadership teams to get through any crisis that comes their business’ way. It means staying away from duct tape strategies and getting to the root of every issue to fix it once and for all.

But in order to stay on track and remain focused on your business’ survival, it’s crucial you stick to your roadmap, even when things are going great. Stick to quarterly sessions, revisit your Accountability Chart, and remember to acknowledge achievement within your teams.

By using the Reverse Accountability Chart, you’re crisis-proofing your organisation, so that no matter what comes your way, you’ve already laid out the repair plan. And just as you would for any emergency response, you’ll only ever need it if disaster strikes, so once you’ve completed it, put it away and rest easy knowing you’ve put your business two steps ahead.


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